Panoramic View

Ease Your Stress Away!

The best Outdoor Adventure is here. We have a great selection of activities and attractions for a couple or family. Lamai Viewpoint's Bar and Resto will give you a variety of Thai food and beverages while you relax to a comfy hammock or just a simply sit on a wooden chairs overlooking the ocean of Lamai and nearby mountains.


Valentine Stone

A Heart-Shaped Stone

Valentine Stone is a naturally heart-shaped stone. The history of this stone is unknown, however, locals believe that once a couple touch this stone, they will have eternal or endless love. Crowded during February "Month of LOVE". Popular for proposal venue and pre-nuptial photo-shooting location.

Natural Fish Spa

A Tickles You Won't Forget!

Our Funny Fish Spa will give you a tickles you won't forget. In any program you book, this foot spa is included and you can enjoy as long as we open. You can sit, relax, and feel the tickles on your feet with these group of fish.


Smiling-Face Rock

History Unknown

History of this smiling-face rock is unknown. Discovered by 2 years ago, at that time, we're renovating the stairs and dig up the soil and we noticed this rock formation in a shape of a face that looks like it is smiling which we derived the name "Smiling-Face Rock". This rock formation is only a minute walk up from the Viewpoint's Bar on the way to the first station of Zip line.

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